Ambiente PS


AMBIENTE PS – The perfect mix between style and efficiency. The Ambiente PS allows even beginners to create perfect espresso beverages. Our duo boiler system ensures speed, consistency and of course the finest taste in the cup. The Ambiente PS is very compact, using only 17" of counter space. The machine's modular construction makes it very service friendly, reducing potential downtime and maintenance cost.

BUTTON PANEL Push-button operation allows even a novice to make great steamed milk or foam. The Ambiente PS button panel is simple and easy to use. The clear digital display reduces training time and chances for error. With 10 programmable selections and a 5 minute automated cleaning cycle, the Ambiente PS is easy to use and simple to clean.

SERVICE CARD The front panel houses a digital chip card interface which allows for easy read out of dispensing statistics (i.e. cup count, cleaning count). Our service technicians use it for troubleshooting and calibration, saving valuable potential on-site labor charges. Custom shot parameters can be loaded instantly ensuring consistent flavor profiles on multiple machines.

AUTOMATION Automated grinding, tamping and dispensing ensure consistent shot quality for the freshest taste possible. Shot parameters such as water quantity, extraction time, the amount of coffee to be ground, and the pre-brewing process can be set individually for custom flavor profiles to suit every taste.

BEAN HOPPERS The Ambiente PS' two separate bean hoppers each hold up to 1.5lb of whole beans. The hopper on the left is for regular espresso beans and the one on the right is for decaf beans. The machine grinds the beans freshly for each individual shot, creating the finest flavor in every cup. Dual integrated grinders make regular and decaf shots from the same machine.

BEAN HOPPERS EXTENSIONS Optional bean hopper extensions increase storage capacity and make the fresh whole beans visible to your customers.

STEAM WAND The Ambiente PS' powerful 6kW steam boiler generates a powerful continuous supply of steam, heating up 32oz of milk in 1 minute. The boiler recovers while it steams which saves valuable downtime. The steam wand with auto shut-off guarantees consistent, accurate milk temperature every time. Dual boilers allow for simultaneous milk steaming and espresso dispensing..

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