COLOMBIA: Is the largest exporter of hand picked, washed Arabica beans. Overall these coffees have a clean, balanced flavor with medium acidity and makes a good everyday choice.  
COSTA RICA: Grown on the family-owned farms where may can export directly, the beans possess a rich, deep, full body and flavor taste.  

GUATEMALA: The volcanic soil of this Central American Country nurture aromatic, mellow-bodied coffees. Grown in the regions of Antigua and Coban, the beans have a spicy flavor with hints of chocolate that people feel makes the perfect cup of coffee.

KENYA: This African coffee, with its mellow, delicate smoothness, winy acidity and flavor overtones of berries, is popular in Europe as well as the United States.

SUMATRA: Earthy, rich and full-bodied, Sumatra's Coffee is not timid. It can take, and often enjoys, the company of milk and sugar. An after dinner coffee good with desserts.

NEW GUINEA: Its full body, moderate acidity, and well-rounded flavor makes it and excellent choice on its own or blended, especially for espresso.

BRAZIL: Nutty aroma, light acidity Good coffee for someone who wants something mild.

MEXICAN CHIAPAS: Medium-bodied with very clean flavor perfect choice for dessert, also great over ice.

HOUSE BLEND: Full aroma, medium acidity good both morning and evening. Good for beginners

ESPRESSO: Sometimes called Italian Roast, this coffee is roasted until all the oils and flavor elements are on the surface of the bean. Less caffeine than a regular roast, very low acidity.
FRENCH: The bean gets roast till it turns black color, but still have the body to handle the roast level. The result is balanced and extremely full-bodied coffee that satisfies those who want a dark smoky brew.
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